A professional event

Secours Expo 2020 brings together all the professionals of the relief, the prevention and the emergency care

The 19th, 20th and 21st of march 2020 | Paris

A general public event

Secours & Vous 2020 invites the general public to discover the risks and the means to prevent them

A professional event

For its 6th edition, Secours Expo welcomes the rescue, emergency and prevention services at the Exhibition Center at Porte de Versailles, in Paris.


During 3 days, The 19th, 20th and 21st of march 2020l, all professionals – rescuers, firemen, emergency doctors, nurse, paramedics, specialized military, first-aid workers, experts – will gather around a dedicated program made of workshops, conferences, exhibits, trainings and debates. This will represent a unique opportunity to discover our providers’ latest innovations, and to meet with the best experts. The objective remains the same : to keep improving the field experience.

A general public event

Unique general public event dedicated to the global risks prevention with a national scope, Secours & Vous takes place in Paris, at the Parc des expositions, Porte de Versailles. During 3 days, the public is invited to discover how to prevent everyday risks and to get initiated into first-aid training.


During 3 days, The 19th, 20th and 21st of march 2020, the public is welcomed by professionals of risk prevention : civil security, public and private companies. All actors will be there with a common objective : to increase our society resilience and make the citizen as the main actor of its own security.

Every year in Paris, the worlds of rescue, emergency and prevention unify profesionals and general public.

The 19th, 20th and 21st of march 2020


The annual gathering for all those of which risk prevention is fundamental… or should be.  You want to increase your knowledge, to learn how to better protect your family, friends or co-workers… You work or would like to work in the improvement of our resilience society… You participate or would like to be able to participate in case of sinister or disaster… Rescue Week is made for you !

2020 Rescue Week gathers all the current and future players of the field : professionals, volunteers, citizens. Through those national and international main events, both professionals and general public have a unique opportunity to increase our way of life.

To federate

An organization that federates all the components of health and rescue





Secours & Vous 2020

The unavoidable professional main event.

A world exclusivity in Paris.

The opportunity to get initiated and prepared to face risks.

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